Using The Bible Reading Plans

These Bible passages lead us on a path through the Scriptures. One day’s reading builds on the rest as you go through each day’s passage, helping you learn more about the subject the plan features

Each of these printable Bible reading plans is featured in an individual article on the same subject and goes deeper into explaining the Biblical concepts that are covered in the verses of each plan.

Using The Bible Reading Plans

As you read these Scriptures, it’s a good idea to read at least several of the Bible verses both before and after so you’ll have a better idea of what was happening and the context of the story.

Writing out the daily Scripture passage is a wonderful way to study these Scriptures, and is my favorite form of Bible study.

I find that writing out the verses brings me much more clarity than simply reading because in writing them I tend to focus more on every word and the whole subject comes together easily. 

Here’s my (ever-so-simple method): Just grab a notebook of any kind. When you’re ready to start, date the top of the page and write out the day’s suggested Bible passage. Study it, break it down, and journal what you learn – right there on that day’s page. Repeat daily.

Journaling your thoughts on what you’ve read will take you deeper and broaden your understanding of Scripture. It’s good to ask yourself some questions, and perfectly ok to answer yourself in this case, in your journaling.

I pray that you will be inspired to spend time with God in His Word each day and that He will reveal the mysteries hidden in the Bible and give you an understanding of His Holy Word.

Toward the end of each of the articles below will you will find the link to the accompanying Bible Reading Plan, and you’ll be able to download it for use with just a simple click.

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