Fun Easter Cross Coloring Pages

As we come upon the joyous Easter season, we celebrate the renewal and hope of the season in various ways. Most of us have several traditions that mark this special time, but if you’re looking for one activity that engages both the young and the young-at-heart you might try a coloring project.  

I have created these Easter Cross Coloring Pages for my readers as a creative way to both engage artistic expression and to reflect on the beauty and spiritual effects of the season. These are mainly adult coloring pages, but could eacily be used with older kids, and even young children who enjoy coloring. 

Benefits Of Coloring

Coloring has a lot to offer for both children and adults. It helps to develop creativity and imagination, along with fine motor skills. From artistic expression to meditation and reflection, there is something for nearly everyone in a these simple coloring pages. Coloring used to be considered a children’s activity, but in more recent years, adults have taken to coloring and the possibilities are endless. Coloring with others is especially enjoyable, as conversations flow when minds and hands are busy creating.

Coloring is great way of relaxing and reflecting, and these Christian cross coloring pages great resources for family Easter activities as well as Sunday School and other Easter holiday events.

These coloring pages can be instrumental to use with kids, allowing fun, interactive opportunities for discussion and teaching about Jesus, from the Crucifixion on Good Friday to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. In our world, the Easter bunny often takes precedence in the Easter festivities, and many people miss the true meaning of Easter because of the commercialization of the holiday. 

Using Printable Easter Cross Coloring Pages

I’ve included a downloadable set of 3 free printable Easter Cross Coloring pages for you to use during the Easter season and beyond. If you want to go beyond the three that are included in this free option, I also offer the whole set of twelve Cross printable coloring pages in my Etsy shop. 

You can print each of these designs as a single page coloring sheet, or print on both sides and put together to make coloring books. You may use regular printer paper or card stock, and even frame a finished picture for annual use as one of your Easter decorations. 

There are several methods for getting the most out of your coloring time. You can try going beyond crayons to try watercolors or other paints, markers, or colored pencils to bring your artwork to life

Consider having a coloring station at family gatherings or hosting a get-together of friends for coloring and conversation. You could expand your coloring expertise to digital methods of coloring, putting an up to date spin on the traditional method of coloring on paper.

These pdf coloring pages are easy to use digitally by importing the pdf into any annotating app such as Goodnotes. The downloadable file you will receive can be used for both the digital and printable version with no extra adaptation.  

The Goodnotes app is my favorite way to use the coloring pages. I have not always found coloring on paper to be relaxing because I don’t like when I get out of a line or use the wrong color. But with my Goodnotes app, it’s so much more fun because it’s all erasable, allowing me to experiment with different colors.  

Whether you color for relaxation or for a fun activity with the kids, the full set of lovely cross coloring pages gives you a choice of different styles and types of crosses and backgrounds. I’ve chosen to use a variety of designs, some with geometric shapes and lines, colorful backgrounds, stained glass looks, others with floral touches, and utilizing a variety of both modern and traditional looks. 

Other Great Easter Resources

Whether you choose this free sample 3-pack of Easter Cross Coloring Pages or purchase the full set of 12 on Etsy, you will have the opportunity to ponder the Good News of salvation brought about by Jesus Christ’s willingness to give Himself for our sins once and for all. 

If you’d like to know more about the personal relationship with Jesus you can have because of His sacrifice on the cross, The Good News: The Gospel Of Salvation can help get you started. 

Other posts related to the Easter season are Holy Week Devotional Scripture Reading Guide, and also Good Friday Bible Verses and Easter Sunday Bible Verses.


However you decide to use these Easter printables, let your artistic creations remind you of the importance of the cross, and of the renewal and the promise of new beginnings that it brings. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or finding joy in the creativity, the benefits of this simple activity are boundless. 

Happy Easter!

You can check my Christian Resources Page for lots of goodies, including other free printable Bible coloring pages, Bible reading plans, and Bible verse cards, simple living worksheets, and more. 

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