Choosing A Bible Verse For The New Year

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Have you ever chosen a life verse, a Bible verse for the New Year, or even for a season in your life? Finding just the right verse may be a challenge, but I’d like to help with some examples of Bible verses for the New Year, plus a few pointers and tips for making the choice. 

Are You Choosing A New Year’s Verse?

The verse you decide on will probably have something to do with where God has you now, where He’s been leading you lately, or an upcoming challenge. 

Just as a life verse doesn’t have to be the same verse your entire life, a Bible verse for a New Year doesn’t have to stay the same all year. A special verse can pertain to this week, this season, or a long-term situation or role you are in.

If you’re unsure whether to commit, here are a few advantages to selecting a word or Bible verse that’s important to you in some way:

  • Choosing a certain Scripture to focus on can help you develop a consistent study habit and give you a new appreciation and dependence on God’s word for everyday life.
  • Learning more about a certain Biblical concept or focus that pertains to your life can be a great experience.
  • While you study, pray about, and think on your Bible verse for the New Year, you will be growing in a certain way, toward what you’re learning about it. 
  • An extended period of time focusing on one verse will make it easy to memorize portions of God’s Word.
  • If you’re praying for something in relation to your choice, such as growth in an area or a change in the way you respond to a certain trigger, you’ll be learning to depend on God in prayer. 

There are many advantages to a time of focus, whether it be a year or a shorter time. Here are some pointers for choosing just the right verse:

  • First, pray for God’s guidance in this. You want to make sure you are on the same wavelength as God because running ahead of Him or turning away from where He wants you would be wrong and unproductive.
  • Look at where God is working and follow. For example, if He has been pricking your conscience about something, that may be the subject you need to focus on. 
  • Notice where God is leading you. The best way to know God’s will is by reading His Word, where He has told us everything we need to know about Him. Yes, His will is in there. 
  • Pay attention to a verse or passage that keeps popping up. (Don’t depend solely on your emotions, though, because our emotions can easily mislead us.) 
  • Write down any ideas you have or verses that keep popping up, and use the list you make as a guide. 
  • If you don’t have something picked out by January 1, don’t worry. God’s timing is perfect. And He won’t care if you start before or after the new year. Any time is a great time to start.

Staying strong for the entire year may be challenging. Here are some pointers that can make or break your success with a Bible verse for the year:

  • Write it out.
  • Read it aloud.
  • Post it wherever you’ll be sure to see it and be creative so that you don’t get so accustomed to seeing it that you become oblivious. 
  • Make up a tune to put your verse to. 
  • Think on it often. The Psalms tell us to meditate on God’s Word. 
  • Consider memorizing your Bible verse for the year. In fact, if you do even a few of these suggestions, you will most likely memorize the verse with no effort at all. 
  • Keep in mind that God may have more for you than a single verse or passage. He may have a progression that He wants to take you through, so be open to His leading, and don’t be legalistic about dates or time frames
  • Study your verse. Look it up in different translations, look at commentaries on it, and look up cross-references for better understanding. 

If you stick with it, I promise that you will be rewarded. God will show you new things about that passage that your mind was never in tune with. And, better yet, He will use it to teach you just what you needed to know. 

I’ve had many “life verses”, sometimes even a new one each month. But they all remain precious to me as I continue on to others, and are always there for reference or for an immediate need. 

Bible Verses For The New Year Examples

Psalm 118:6

The Lord is for me; I will not fear; What can man do to me? (ESV)

Psalm 3:3

But you O Lord are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. (ESV)

John 15:4-5

Remain in me and I in you. Just as a branch is unable to produce fruit by itself unless it remains on the vine, neither can you, unless you remain in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in me and I in him produces much fruit, because you can do nothing without me. (CSB)

Philippians 2:13

For it is God who is working in you both to will and to work according to his good purpose. (CSB)

Psalm 27:14

Psalm 27:14

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. (NLT)

Jeremiah 24:7

I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the Lord. They will be my people, and I will be their God because they will return to me with all their heart. (CSB)

Isaiah 26:3

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. (ESV)

Psalm 27:8

My heart says this about you, “Seek his face.” Lord, I will seek your face. (CSB)

Ephesians 1:18

I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called – his holy people who are his rich and glorious inheritance. (NLT)

Colossians 4:2

Colossians 4:2

Devote yourselves to prayer; stay alert in it with thanksgiving. (CSB)

Philippians 4:6

Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (CSB)

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; in all your ways know him, and he will make your paths straight. (CSB)

Romand 12:2

Romans 12:2

Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. (CSB)

Isaiah 54:10

“Though the mountains move and the hills shake, my love will not be removed from you and my covenant of peace will not be shaken”, says your compassionate Lord.

Joshua 1:9

Haven’t I commanded you: Be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged. for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. (CSB)

Matthew 5:16

In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

Colossians 3:12

Therefore, as God’s chosen ones, holy and dearly loved, put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

These are only a sampling of great Bible verses for the New Year. Wherever God has you is the best place to start.

If you’re deciding whether or not to adopt a life verse for your season of life, or if you are seeking God for what verse to use, I hope you are richly rewarded as you strive to live your life according to God’s Word and under His leadership.

What verses have you chosen for your life verse or Bible verse for the new year?

Bible verse for the new year

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  1. You’re welcome, Aritha. I love your “golden notebook” idea!

  2. Thank you so much, Kim. I currently have 3 great hopeful Bible verses that mean a lot to me. So I don’t have just one verse for the year. I write them in my “golden notebook” (it has a gold cover, a very cheap notebook that I bought from the thrift store especially for this purpose). Most importantly, I use the Bible verse in my prayer and try to memorize them.