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Oh, the fun of buying and using new organizing products! I nearly swoon at the thought. For most of my life I couldn’t shop anywhere without bringing home at least one organizing container of some sort. 

At one point in the process of decluttering my house, I actually had to start decluttering the organizing products! It sounds crazy, but that was when the magic started happening.

Every time I would declutter something, it was with the goal of getting rid of one container. Yes, one at a time. I would fill the bin or container with items to donate and off I would go to the Salvation Army to drop it off. 

I have since purged about a truckload of containers, each one filled with donation items, so you know how much stuff I’ve been able to unload since then. 

I’m now pretty cautious about buying organizing products. And I find that I hardly ever feel the need to buy them, certainly not as I did in the past. Because I’ve decluttered so much stuff, I hardly need any new containers anymore. 

Home organizing products

I’m so glad to be able to share some favorites with you now, just in case you do need any of these useful organizing products. I generally order my organizing products online because I can measure and decide while I’m actually in the area I’ll be working on. 


You will want to measure carefully before buying containers. If they won’t fit right, you won’t be happy with them. Measure carefully, because you don’t want to over or underbuy.

Plastic storage baskets L-10.5 x W-9.4 x H-7.8 

Water bottle storage holder (2 in a pack, comes in 4-bottle and 6-bottle size)

Pack of 4 clear plastic kitchen or bathroom storage bins

Clear Lazy Susan 2-pack

Sterilite 16 quart/15-liter storage boxes with white lid and clear base, 12-pack

Vintage-Look wall-mount wire basket

Pack of 4 gray and white cloth collapsible storage baskets with rope handles

Pack of 6 white cardboard magazine holders

Glass half-gallon storage jar with lid 2-pack

2-pack foldable linen fabric storage bins with wooden handles

Wire basket bins with handles 2-pack, various sizes

Battery organizer with flip-top lid


Labelling your containers if a plus, so you can find things quickly and put things away easily.

It’s so frustrating to have to rummage through a bin to find something because you don’t know what it contains. It’s equally annoying to find yourself with piles of mess because you didn’t know where to put things away.

Self-adhesive index card pockets (does not include cards but available on same page)

1.8-inch wide chalkboard tape

Pack of 12 erasable wooden chalkboard label clips

162 Chalkboard labels variety bundle


Closet organizers can be very helpful to keep clothes and accessories from running together. I love the stackable shoe shelves and have used them in various closets.

Stackable shoe shelves

Rotating 4-hook belt or scarf closet hanger (hangs on rod)

Pack of 5 pairs boot shaper forms

Books On Organizing

I have certainly bought more than my share of home organizing books – and read them all. I can personally recommend these books for help with various types of organizing and decluttering. 

No amount of organizing products or supplies will help you if you’re asking, “How do you declutter or organize?”

Don’t Toss My Memories In The Trash by Vicki Dellaquila

Moving Workbook to accompany Don’t Toss My Memories In The Trash

Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way To A Richer, Happier Life by Peter Walsh

Decluttering At The Speed Of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle With Stuff by Dana K. White

Organizing Solutions For People With ADHD by Susan Pinsky

The Complete Book Of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley

Advice From An Organizer

Yes, I will admit that I have a thing for organizing as I’ve been organizing my whole life, both personally, privately, and professionally. And I’ve learned a lot of things from it all. Here is a short list of quick tips that might help you:

  • Start small. Start with things that will be easy to decide on, like clothes that don’t fit or things you know you’ll never need or use or have no personal attachment to. 
  • The mess you will have to make always, always, always gets worse before it gets better. Just so you know.
  • Don’t try to talk anyone out of their belongings. It will not go well. There are ways to reason it out with reluctant family members in the books I’ve recommended. 
  • You’re probably in too deep when you find yourself bargaining over reusable containers and paper clips. Yes, I’ve been there and you don’t want to be. Believe me. 
  • Plan on working in short bursts, not marathons. A 3-hour session is mentally exhausting when you are the one making a thousand decisions.
  • Put the pets out. If you are uprooting a room, it can be upsetting and disruptive to dogs or cats. I’ve stepped in unmentionable things almost every time I’ve worked with clients who have kept their pets around during major organizing. 
  • Wear shoes. And if there is dust and dirt, wear gloves. You’ll thank yourself later. 
  • Drink plenty of water. Organizing is hard work and it’s easy to become overheated and dehydrated while doing it. 
  • Plan an immediate trip to a donation center and put the trash out right away. Otherwise, you may be talking yourself back into keeping things, or talking yourself out of them for the second time around. 
  • Plan a treat for yourself after each successful (or otherwise) organizing session. You deserve it, and slowly but surely you can make a huge difference in your home.
  • Get excited. The end result will be so worthwhile. I know this from personal experience. 

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