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Have you ever had at least a little anxiety about what to wear at the beach? Afraid you’re showing too much or looking out of style? No worries. These days, it is easier than ever to find modest swimsuits that are both fashionable and affordable.

Modest Swimwear

Over a century ago, women’s swimwear was at the height of modesty. The suits were more like gowns and covered nearly all bare skin. Some ladies even wore stockings to swim in (ooo, how awful would that feel?). As the years went by, suits lost the sleeves, shortened the hems, took away the middle, and became more form-fitting, many to the point of being downright skimpy. 

Why Modesty In A Bathing Suit?

The Bible says we are to glorify God in all that we do. So, when we get dressed, we should be doing so to glorify Him rather than ourselves. How do we do this? We make sure that what we are wearing is not for our own vanity or pridefulness, and does not prevent others from seeing who we are on the inside by flaunting what we have on the outside.

Christian women need to be careful to avoid dressing in a way that may attract attention to our bodies and cause someone to fall into temptation. Wearing a modestly designed bathing suit with coverage in sensitive areas is a great way to feel comfortable and pretty, while still being able to have fun at the beach or pool. 

A modest swimsuit that fits you well will help you to feel less self-conscious in front of other people, and protect some sensitive areas from the sun, although you should also use sunscreen to protect your skin from burning and the aging effects of the sun’s rays. 

Bible Verses About Modesty

Peter is telling women that inner beauty is better than anything we put on the outside.

What matters is not your outer appearance—the styling of your hair, the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes—but your inner disposition. Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in.

1 Peter 3:3-4 (MSG)

Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman without discretion. Proverbs 11:22 (ESV)

Yikes! Have I displayed indiscretion and made myself like a pig wearing a gold ring? This one’s worth a little thought.

Similar to the passage from Peter, Paul is basically saying the same thing: We would do well to spend our time developing humility and inner beauty rather than trying to be fashionable.

And I want women to get in there with the men in humility before God, not primping before a mirror or chasing the latest fashions but doing something beautiful for God and becoming beautiful doing it. Timothy 2:9-10 (MSG)

Proverbs 31 Woman 30-Day bible Reading Plan

What Is Considered A Modest Swimsuit?

Most modest swimsuits are one-piece, or two pieces that touch or overlap in the middle. Some modest bathing suits have skirts, some are designed with longer shorts, others have sleeves, ruffles, and other fashion details that make them practical. 

Modest Swimwear On Amazon

modest swimsuit

This two-piece suit comes in many color combinations and has tummy control. The bottoms are hipsters, although mostly covered by the long top. 

Another two-piece swimsuit with a blousier top and mid-rise bottoms. This on also comes with multiple top-bottom combinations. 

modest swimsuits
modest swimsuits

Boyleg suits are an alternative to the traditional one-piece swimsuit. This suit is form-fitting, but has colored side panels to give a slimming look.

A short modest one-piece swimsuit dress gives more coverage than a traditional suit, and the skirt is a nice feminine touch.

modest swimsuits
modest swimsuit

Here is a pretty polka dot sundress-style one piece swimdress, slightly longer skirt than the previous suit.

I love this modest one-piece swimsuit in a sporty looking swimdress with front zipper and skirt that hits about mid-thigh.

modest swimsuit
modest swimsuits

This two-piece modest swimsuit with blouson tank top and boy shorts is so cute. 


How Do I Make My Swimsuits More Modest?

So, maybe you already have a perfectly good swimsuit that you’d like to make a little more modest, or transform into a double-duty suit that you can get multiple swim outfits from one basic piece and a few accessories. 

Did you know that you can dress your swimsuit up or dress it down with an accessory made for the sun and the water? Here are some very stylish options to consider. They are modest and non-revealing pieces that can be added on top of a swimsuit, not just as a cover-up, but for wearing in the water, too.

A slightly longer swim skirt to wear over a regular swimsuit.

modest swimsuits
modest swimsuits

This print swim skirt is just a bit shorter than the previous one, although I’d be happy to wear either of these skirts.

Wear these sporty swim shorts right over a one-piece swimsuit to give it a different look.

modest swimsuits
modest swimsuits

This swim top with a zip-front and tie-adjustable length will help to protect your shoulders and chest from the sun

As you can see, there are so many beautifully modest swimsuits available these days. Ordering from Amazon is usually a quick and cost-effective place to order, especially if you use Amazon Prime. 

These modest swimsuits and accessories all come in multiple colors and prints to choose from. I hope you find one you love to wear. I’ll be deciding my favorite also.

There are many other places to buy modest swimsuits, both online and in person. I often size up in a swimsuit just so it isn’t too skimpy. But always check on the return policy of the seller before ordering, 

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