11 Free Daily Bible Reading Plans

daily Bible reading plans - New Day Of Simplicity

Have you ever read the Bible the whole way through? Do you wonder how to get started with a daily Bible reading plan? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of so much reading every day? Have you started, but fizzled out before you finished?

You Can Succeed With A Daily Bible Reading Plan

Reading the Bible all the way through is an amazing undertaking, and can be so rewarding, yet reading such a large book can definitely be intimidating. There are SO many chapters, so many stories, so many words, so many people…and some of those names!!

I have completed (and not completed) several different Bible reading plans over the years – some of them have taken me all the way through, and some have focused on just parts of the Bible.

So, I thought I would bring you a collection of daily Bible reading plans. The list features various types of plans, since everyone reads/learns in different ways. These are not Bible studies, but plans for actually reading the Bible. 

Choose The Right Bible Reading Plan For You

Make sure you take into account the amount of time you will be able to spend on your daily Bible reading plan. Reading the Word of God shouldn’t be rushed just to get it done like another task on your list, but absorbed and pondered and enjoyed as a true gift from God.  

Some people like to read from beginning to end, starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation. And, strange as it may seem, the Bible is not written exactly in order of time.

But if you want to read in the order of when things actually happened, you might choose a chronological plan. 

You can read the Bible in one year, but if you have limited time, you might be more successful with a two-year or an open-ended Bible reading plan. 

Another way of reading the Bible is by doing what’s called a topical plan. This type of reading plan concentrates on a particular subject or person. It’s great for seeing the connection between multiple portions of Scripture.

Topical plans don’t read through the entire Bible, but demonstrate the way that the Bible always explains the Bible. The Scriptures were penned by different authors, but every bit has been God-inspired.

daily Bible reading plans - new day of simplcity

One-Year Bible Reading Plans

The Bible Recap is a chronological plan, which means it doesn’t read straight through like a book. This plan’s author, Tara Leigh Cobble, summarizes each day’s reading with an insightful daily podcast. The website has clear directions for getting started with your choice of  the 1 year whole Bible plan or the 3 month New Testament plan. 

Professor Grant Horner’s plan is for the very ambitious Bible reader, and looks amazing. It never actually stops, as you just keep going with reading 10 chapters a day (I know, that’s a lot) from 10 different books of the Bible, so you are always reading a different combination of Bible books. The instructions are spelled out well on the website. 

Jeanette at Delightful Paths says the above – Professor Horner’s plan – is her favorite Bible reading plan and has written a great post about it with the addition of multiple variations of the plan to make it less overwhelming, along with some very pretty printable bookmarks for following through.   

Dr. David Jeremiah publishes a free one-year bible reading plan each year. You can see it online without signing up, and you will be able to print if you share your email address. 

Discipleship Journal offers another one-year long Bible reading plan that alternates between Old Testament books and New Testament books. 

daily bible reading plans - new day of simplicity

Bible Reading Plans For Busy People

In All You Do features a Bible reading plan for busy moms (or anyone who struggles to find the time for Bible reading). She has several great recommendations and plans, all free, for simply signing up to receive her newsletter.

The Navigators has put together a clever plan called 5 x 5 x 5. With this plan you can read through the New Testament in one year in 5 Minutes a Day, 5 Days a Week, and gives you 5 Ways To Dig Deeper that you can try out to see which works best for you 

R. C. Sproul’s Starter List For Reading The Bible is a Bible reading plan that gives you an overview of the Bible, but doesn’t include every book of the Bible. This plan would make a great “starter plan” for someone who may be intimidated at reading through the whole Bible. It  includes 22 of the Books of the Bible, to give a “birdseye view” of the entire Bible. 

daily bible reading plans - new day of simplicity

Topical Bible Reading Plans

Megan Allen Ministries offers a free topical plan that features a different subject each month. Some of the subjects are Identity In Christ, Spiritual Battles, Fear, and Freedom. You don’t even have to sign up, just download the individual monthly plans. But if you want more, you can subscribe to receive the whole year of reading plans plus some additional perks. 

Kingdom Bloggers also features a free topical Bible reading plan with monthly topics and extras if you subscribe to receive the whole year at once. A few of the topics are Fruit of The Spirit, Standing on The Promises, and Learning to Trust. 

Rachel Wojo has dedicated a whole section of her website to multiple monthly topical Bible reading plans. Among her plans are Changed!, Pure Joy, and Purposeful Pause:Waiting On God’s Perfect Timing. She also encourages journaling the Bible passages. 

The Best Time To Start Reading The Bible Is NOW!

These plans are just a few of the great Bible reading plans I’ve come across online. Even if you don’t choose a formal plan, you can still pick up a Bible and read God’s Word. Don’t wait. You can dive into a Bible reading plan any time – and the very best time to start is now. 

11 daily Bible reading plans - new day of simplicity

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